Algirdas Julius Greimas giving the lecture “Vers une troisième revolution sémiotique” [“Towards a Third Semiotic Revolution”]  to the Second Symposium of the Semiotic Society of Finland and the Second International Congress of the Semiotics of Music, University of Jyväskylä, 5-7 July 1983. Ca. 60 minutes. Video recording. Excerpt in Significant Moments in the History of Semiotics—in Finland and Elsewhere. To Honor the 9th World Congress of IASS-AIS Communication: Understanding / Misunderstanding, ed. Eero Tarasti. 6 minutes. DVD, distribution Tarasti, 2007. Video courtesy of Eero Tarasti.

A 1986 radio interview with Algirdas Julius Greimas on the semiotics of music (in French):

Interview with Greimu_(Part One)

Interview with Greimas_(Part Two)

Didysis prasmės ieškotojas – Algirdas Julius Greimas [The Great Quester for Meaning, Algirdas Julius Greimas] . 55 min. color 35mm film directed by Saulius Beržinis, with cinematography by Algimantas Mikutėnas, distributed by Lietuvos kino studija [“Lithuanian Film Studios”] in Vilnius, aired on television by LRT Lietuvos nacionalinis radijas ir televizija in 1991. 

Bronys Raila remembers Algirdas Julius Greimas, Santa Monica, 1992, interviewed by Kazys Saja. Video courtesy of Kazys Saja.  

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